Non sono stato io (cheez_ball) wrote in texasaggies,
Non sono stato io

Lot 18 Parking Permit

My parking permit was stolen out of my locked parked car yesterday.  It's for lot 18 on West Campus at the HSC, where my car was parked at the time.  If you see anyone selling or giving a permit away report them to the police.  Don't try to use the permit or you will be ticketed and immediately towed. It's already been reported stolen.

Gig 'em, Aggies!
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Wow. Was that all they got?
My car is a POS (old, almost no paint left, etc) so I'm shocked they even thought of it. They left the kitty litter that was in the trunk and the shopping bags in the back seat. Good thing I didn't leave my books, purse, phone or gym bag in the car yesterday.

Yea, I'm still angry. *snarl*
I would be, too. I hope TS replaces it for you.